Day 5 – What about bullying in the past ? From history ?


Say that you are troubled with emotions, today, because you where bullied in the past. Say you where bullied years ago, in school or elsewhere when you where a child or youth, and you are suffering from this emotions now ? Then what ? They are driving you mad with depression and stress, and so on. What about that ? Well if you are having really, really severe psychosis and troubles like self hurt etc. I would suggest talk to a physician or a medical nurse or to others that could help you get yourself patched up, and that could help you medically in emergency, and with care. And also I would, no matter, recommend a writing course with self forgiveness. Self forgiveness is butt the greatest key to understand self. Set free the emotions from bullying . Free yourself from repeating history in your daily life.

Self forgiveness is a great key to work with, try this formula on your self

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself … point..

I repeat to you we at desteni are not doctors. But we can offer writing support and help for people that wants to learn to write out junk from self. Write to freedom.

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Have a nice day !

Day 4 – Reunion/Gjenforeningen

Anna Odell i Gjenforeningen

Inn 2013 the Swedish artist and film director Anna Odell,  made her very important piece of art with her movie “Gjennforeningen” In English:  “The Reunion” about reunion of class some 20 year after school graduation. It deals with bullying inn a controversial or a modern fashion.

It carries a strong message. I recommend it dearly for you to see it,  if you get the opportunity.

Have bullying free day.

Day 3 – Bullying and suicide.

There are hundreds if not thousands of stories and testimonies each year from people that kill themselves because of having been bullied. This problem is so huge that it is simply depressive to think of and even harder to grasp.

People that bully make life into such a hell for the victims the victims end up killing themselves.

This is not acceptable at all! And we need a larger change. We need to stand as responsible human beings on this earth and to show care and consideration within our daily lives.

” Stable girl who was laid off by Sheikh Mohammed’s yard ‘killed herself after being bullied at her new job”

“Boy ‘driven to suicide by bullies”

” Suicide of girl aged 13 bullied for being 6ft”

There have been enough of these headlines. It is time to stand up against bullying. And if you are bullied, tell someone and do not stop telling someone until the bullying stops.

Have a bullying free day !

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